Zebyoo Tools

Checker tools

A collection of great checker-type tools to help you check & verify different types of things.

DNS Lookup

Find A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, TXT, SOA DNS records of a host.

IP Lookup

Get approximate IP details.

Reverse IP Lookup

Take an IP and try to look for the domain/host associated with it.

SSL Lookup

Get all possible details about an SSL certificate.

Whois Lookup

Get all possible details about a domain name.


Ping a website, server or port..

HTTP headers lookup

Get all the HTTP headers that an URL returns for a typical GET request.

Safe URL checker

Check if the URL is banned and marked as safe/unsafe by Google.

Google cache checker

Check if the URL is cached or not by Google.

URL redirect checker

Check for 301 & 302 redirects of a specific URL. It will check for up to 10 redirects.

Password strength checker

Make sure your passwords are good enough.

Meta tags checker

Get & verify the meta tags of any website.

Website hosting checker

Get the web-host of a given website.

File mime type checker

Get details of any file type, such as the mime type or last edit date.

Gravatar checker

Get the gravatar.com globally recognized avatar for any email.

Text tools

A collection of text content related tools to help you create, modify & improve text type of content.

Text separator

Separate text back and forth by new lines, commas, dots...etc.

Email extractor

Extract email addresses from any kind of text content.

URL extractor

Extract http/https URLs from any kind of text content.

Text size calculator

Get the size of a text in Bytes (B), Kilobytes (KB) or Megabytes (MB).

Duplicate lines remover

Easily remove duplicate lines from a text.

Text to speech

Use the Google translator API to generate text to speech audio.

IDN Punnycode converter

Easily convert IDN to Punnycode and back.

Case converter

Convert your text to any kind of text case, such as lowercase, UPPERCASE, camelCase...etc.